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Voltaj (Romania): We believe in the cause, we fight for! What is your song about and what makes it different than others? It seems like this year's Eurovision entry from Romania has a really strong message.

Voltaj: All Over Again is more than a song, it's a manifest. There are many dramatic cases in which children are involved. They live a trauma because of the lack of affection when their parents are away, working abroad, although they receive gifts and packages from them. People must know that Romanians are not lazy or thieves and the biggest majority are hard-working and honest, making enormous sacrifices for their families left behind. Therefore, they must be respected and not discriminated because of this.

How did you come with an All Over Again story and what made you believe that it would be good to perform it in Austria?

After all, the Eurovision Song Contest is a show and entertainment with a lot of make-up, pyros, special effects… When we wrote and released the song with the campaign All over again we never thought to participate in Eurovision Song Contest. However, we realized that this contest can help us make known internationally the cause of so many children left behind without their parents looking for them and their parents working abroad to give them the chance to a decent life. We think there is enough room for everyone at the Eurovision and, if other artists come with special effects, we come with real life stories. We believe in the cause, we fight for and we are sure it can reach many people’s hearts.  

What's different in your life since you won the national selection in Romania?

Nothing has changed in our lives since we won the National Selection in Romania, but for our campaign this thing means a lot.

And how do you prepare yourselves for the upcoming event?

We could describe all in few words: rehearsals every day and debates for or against to be sure that our show will be how we want it to be.  

Besides your entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest are there any other songs we might hear in Austria or even after the show on the international music market?

You should listen to all our songs and see which ones you like more. And yes, there will be some events in Vienna where we are expected to perform and you’ll get the chance to know us and our songs better.

Let's try with a completely random question: if you would have to perform a duet with another contestant from this year, who would you like to share the stage with and why?

We believe that a performance featuring The Makemakes, from Austria, would sound quite interesting, as they are also a rock band. Our styles fit and we think we could make a good team. Or a Teamteam… :)