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Voltaj getting ready for their first rehearsal
Voltaj getting ready for their first rehearsal
Photo: Elena Volotova (EBU)

Voltaj: One family will be reunited at Eurovision!

Even though they are one of the most important pop-rock bands in Romania, Voltaj arrived at the Wiener Stadthalle much earlier than it was planned. „We want to make it perfect“, they’ve told us in the backstage while waiting the first rehearsal to begin. It’s all about a very strong message of this years’ Romanian entry. „It needs to be clear and understandable, as it is about the children left alone“, the guys right before going to the stage.

„We can hardly wait to live the Eurovision experience. We are already prepared and ready for the contest,“ Călin Goia, the leading vocalist said. „The feeling is great. We feel great,“ Gabriel, Adrian, Paduranu and Alstani added.

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Voltaj's song deals with the serious issue in Romania. The loneliness of children left at home, while their parents work somewhere abroad, not being able to spend time with their kids.

„Those kids live a trauma because of the lack of affection when their parents are away, working abroad, although they receive gifts and packages from them. People must know that Romanians are not lazy or thieves and the biggest majority are hard-working and honest, making enormous sacrifices for their families left behind. Therefore, they must be respected and not discriminated because of this, “ Goia stressed.

The band wants to be a platform for NGOs, in order to make this problem even more visible and to do more for those kids. "We don't want to force people to take the kids with them. But maybe they could return home," he said.

The stage performance needs to be simple, Daniel Klinger, a stage director in the Romanian delegation explained. „It is all about the message of a song, especially because the guys perform their song in Romanian. The color set up will be mostly black and white, but we will use some inserts from the video and show them in the background,“ he said adding that besides those graphic elements in the background, there will be a lot suitcases on the stage. 

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“You may not know this, but the little boy from Voltaj’s video – because the story of the video is a real one – will be in Vienna, together with his parents, at the Eurovision final. That is what we fight for: beautiful, united families, parents, and children all together. Voltaj carries the message of a generation and we all hope you share it with us”, Liana Stanciu, the Romanian Head of Delegation told

At the moment, only one Romanian family will be reunited, thanks to Voltaj and the Eurovision Song Content. But there's a hope that this song and its message will reach and reunite more parents living and working away from their children. In that case, Voltaj's mission will be complete. 

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