Vodka flowing on the stage in Belgrade!

Morena had an excellent first rehearsal this afternoon at the Belgrade Arena. Morena is backed by a female vocal and four male dancers. The dancers choreography is up-tempo and tailored for the song which indeed will not be boring for the audience at the second Semi-Final on 22th of May. The four male dancers all wore black sunglasses, and Morena wore high-heeled, long boots decorated with small mirrors. The outfits for the live performance was revealed, and the theme is black with silver and black glitter. Moreover, the dancers will wear dark suits. Morena and the Maltese delegation all seemed satisfied with the rehearsal.

Back in 2006, Morena was offered to sing in a duet with Paul Giordimiana. The song was called Time, and this was Morena’s first taste of the Malta Song for Europe festival. She placed 9th, but soon realised she was not about to give up on winning the golden ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest. In the last year, she also met Gerard James Borg who immediately was very impressed by Morena, and the Vodka was the result of one of their works, and soon enough Morena was recording in the studios.

At the press conference after Morena's rehearsal, she told the fans and the accredited press that participating in the Eurovision Song Contest "is a dream come true". Moreover, the Maltese delegation elaborated on the meaning of the song, which is about Morena being a spy in a Russian setting where vodka is a secret code. A journalist asked about whether Morena previously had worked with the dancers before, but it is actually the first time and she is very satisfied. Morena also revealed that her artist name stems from the fact that she once told some foreigners that she was Spanish, and those foreingers then called her "Morena" ('the dark one' in Spanish). Her actual name is Margherita.

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