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Vlatko ready to rock Europe

Posted 21 April 2011 at 0:03

How did it start?

It was in the end of January when the FYR Macedonian broadcaster, MKRTV, announced the twenty finalists of their national selection.
At first they revealed just the names of the projects that would participate in the show and met all of them to agree on the details about the performers.
However, it took more than a month before the viewers could pick the entry they wanted to represent the Balkan country in Düsseldorf. In the end it was a big victory for Vlatko Ilievski both in the televote and the jury with his song Rusinka.
Check out his photos below in our gallery!

Who is he?

Vlatko Ilievski, one of the most popular pop rock singers in FYR Macedonia, is well known for his many talents: he is a musician, an actor, a composer, and a TV-host.
His fascination with music began when he started playing the guitar and the piano at the age of nine. After performing with his band at rock festivals, he was offered a lead singer role in the hard rock group Moral. He was only 15!
{Video#YT, id:NRG2lY9CuL8}
Vlatko Ilievski will perform 11th in the second Semi-Final on the 12th of May in Düsseldorf.
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