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Vlatko Ilievski (F.Y.R. Macedonia) 1st press conference

Posted 4 May 2011 at 15:37

Vlatko was quite pleased with how the first dry-run went: “"We do this rehearsal to feel the stage for the first time and see how deep, high, see where the stairs are, those kinds of things. This is a technical rehearsal. But I always go 100%, I will do the same thing here as on the 12th of May." He claims that he had not sung the song for over a month before the rehearsal today, because “the song is great as it is. Every time I sing a song I add new things and if I do too much I could destroy it!”
The performer explained that his song Rusinka describes a love for a Russian woman. The lyrics were actually written by a collaborator of his, who supplied the text within 20 minutes, explaining that it was inspired by a previous relationship with a Russian woman. Vlatko was unsure at first, but after his fans responded, he became convinced that the song would be a strong entry for the competition
Vlatko is an all-around talent, as a singer, composer, television, presenter, and actor. He explains that it is not possible to survive in the Macedonian entertainment business by doing one thing, but when pressed to name his first love, he responds: “Musicals!”
Performing in a pop-music contest is a bit of a change of pace for Vlatko, who also happens to play in a hard rock band called 'Moral', but Vlatko enjoys working in both genres. He does confess to performing better for 30 or 40 people at a gig than such a large audience, but he is very thrilled to be representing his country. “It's not important if we get to the final, but rather to have a good song for Macedonia, not just for a jury awarding points. The Eurovision contest is like the champion league in football for music.”
Given the romantic nature of his song, Vlatko was asked if he had seen any interesting Bulgarian or Israeli women in his neighbouring delegations. His response: “I have a problem. I love a lot of women. So I can take all of the women from both delegations together!”
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