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Virtual dancers for Ukraine

18 May 2012 at 19:19 CEST
Gaitana - Be My Guest (Ukraine 2012) met the Ukrainian representative Gaitana backstage. She was in a very good mood, enjoying her coffee and having a chat with us. Gaitana shared her first impression about Baku: “I already like Azerbaijan. People are so friendly here and coffee tastes so good” (she laughs).

Gaitana was very satisfied with her first rehearsal: “Technicians are so professional. They ask me every time if everything okay. I chose a difficult shouting song but I’m fine. The sound and the LEDs are great.”

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Gaitana told about her costume for the Semi-Final night: “I still have to choose from the costumes I brought with me. But I think it will be white colour. I like white.”

On stage, the artist wore a long white layered fringe dress. The virtual dancers on the extra LED panels and the real ones fit well to Gaitana's up-tempo song Be My Guest.

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The splashes of bright colours were dancing on the LEDs filling the whole act with joy and happiness. The Ukrainian participant again impressed with her strong, powerful voice.

In the press conference, Gaitana told the press haw happy she is to be here in Baku. The artist tried the Azerbaijani cuisine and loved it very much.

To the question if Gaitana’s song is an official anthem of Euro 2012, Gaitana said: "I’m happy that people like this song. Even if they don’t understand English, they can feel the friendly emotions coming out of it. I want to show the song to the whole world." Edward Klim added that Be My Guest is not an official anthem for Euro 2012. It’s the official Ukrainian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Gaitana commented on her opinion about the Ukrainian heavyweight boxers Klichko: “They do so many useful things for their country. I like their humanitarian projects. They definitely don’t fight for their popularity.”

A Polish journalist asked Gaitana what type of music she would like to record in future. “I sing what my heart wants to sing and it’s different types: funky, pop, blues....” Gaitana invited everybody to her solo concert to be held on the 20th of May. The artist performed her song Tykila in the Ukrainian language.