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Vilija (Lithuania): More attention for women please!

03 May 2014 at 16:05 CEST

“This is the song with the clear message. More attention for women”, she explained. On stage, Vilija is accompanied by a male dancer. With their energetic movements, they conveyed the message of the song - A little bit Attention for the women and their rights! Together with Vilija's there are also three backing vocalists, but they are hardly being in the focus.

During the performance blue colour dominates on the floor and the background. Still, cameras are mostly following the moves made by Vilija and her dancing partner. While singing the Lithuanian representative tells a story, praising for more “attention”, even in a form of a small kiss. The choreography consists a lot of expressive moves. It seems like the guy in the story is being punished for not listening and not giving enough of attention to her girl.

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The second rehearsal in B&W Hallerne for Vilija Matačiūnaitė today was quite different than the previous one. Especially because she was wearing her stage costume. For those who didn’t notice or manage to see the outfits Lithuanian artists were having on, Vilija wears a black tutu and a turquoise top, which fits perfectly with the flashing lights and colours projected on LEDs, incuding some elements like broke glass.

Vilija: I'm against sex tourism!

Vilija attended the press conference together with the rest of her team, including other members of the Lithuanian delegation. “I feel good on the stage. I’ve been on a few similar ones. However, this has different shape”, she said.

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While talking about her song Attention, she explain that it’s not about something that she personally experienced. “It’s not about me. Not at all. It’s about this situation I’ve notice around me. There is a sex tourism and it’s popular all over the country. I’m not supportive about that. Not that I have something against the sex. But girls follow so easily for those stories men usually tell them”.

Among all the question there was also an "what if" one. Vilija revealed that she was more exciting finding out that her song was chosen to be this year's Eurovision entry for Lithuania. "Even if it happened that someone else will be singing my song, I would support that artists. I would come to Denmark and camp here if necessary", she replied.