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Video: The Toppers unveil more details

13 March 2009 at 01:02 CET

The Toppers commissioned DJ John Marks to produce new remixes of their song Shine, which was written by fellow Topper Gordon Heuckeroth.

John Marks (John Dirne) was born in 1981 and finished his musical education in 2001 at the Dutch Academy of Music. After he produced numerous Top 100 hit singles he started his own record label in 2002 by the name White Villa and as DJ John Marks he found his way in dance-music. John Marks became an instant phenomenon in the national and international club and dance scene as (co)producer, DJ and record label for famous artists such as Guru Josh Project, Shaggy, Akon, Tom Novy, Alcazar, Agnes, DJ Jean, DJ Jurgen, Mental Theo and many more. He scored massive hit songs with ‘Tracking’, ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Do it Again’ but he gained world wide recognition with his hit singles Carnival and Insanity. DJ John Marks still does numerous gigs in Poland, Russia, Spain and Greece and is known to be an absolute ‘floorfiller’, according to a press release issued by The Toppers' management.

Promotional video

In February John Marks wowed The Toppers with his own club-remix of their song Shine. The Toppers and their staff were thrilled by this remix and invited John Marks to produce the final version. A couple of years ago John already produced a remix for The Toppers. Can You Feel It was used as the opening track of Toppers in Concert 2007. The Shine New Wave Eurovision 2009 Mix combines "a typical modern day dance-beat, a happy and catchy melody and a positive message to the world," according to a statement of The Toppers. A unique extended version is made specifically for the dance- and club scene throughout Europe. Furthermore a "spectacular music video" was produced last week. Have a look at it right here!


"Now that the song and the music video of Shine is completed we can focus on doing publicity throughout Europe and on the dazzling show we want to put on in Moscow," The Toppers say. Especially for the Eurovision Song Contest, The Toppers launched a new international website as well.