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"Video Bridge" yourself to the Grand Final!

09 April 2015 at 17:32 CEST

Based on the success of the Building Bridges photo action, creativity is now in demand. A flying snowball from Iceland to Australia, someone from Ireland frightening an Italian with a bucket of ice water, or a marriage proposal across the continent... the host broadcaster of this year’s contest, ORF is looking for original video connections between two people in different countries.

Just a mobile phone camera and basic video skills is enough to build a virtual bridge. The best and most creative entries will be selected by the editors and broadcast in the Final of the Song Contest!

But how?

  1. Contact friends or acquaintances abroad you’d like to "build bridges" with. Do you share an idea for a video? Or connect with someone who already has the first part of a ‘video bridge’ out.
  2. Film the first part - ideally before a typical background, like a tourist attraction, in the mountains or at the sea.
  3. Ask your partner to continue the video - and try to find perfect connecting points!
  4. Load the uncompressed videos (both parts separately) onto the ORF platform and enter all of your contact details. Instructions and Technical Requirements

For the videos to be used in the Song Contest show, please note some technical details:

  • Film your entry in the best possible quality of your mobile phone or your camera (ideally, Full HD 1920 x 1080, 16:9)
  • Avoid pans and moving around; film your "video bridge" as much as possible without camera movements.
  • Leave about ten seconds of buffer time at the beginning and at the end of all videos.
  • Do not use additional background music. Send the video directly from your phone to or transfer the finished files from your phone or via cable from the camera to the computer.
  • Please do not use apps as often they reduce the quality of the videos automatically.
  • To check, you can assemble both videos into a finished "video bridge" – but for submission it‘s not necessary.

Last day to send your videos is the 30th of April. Have fun building bridges. Be creative!