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Montenegro's Vanja Radovanović wraps up first rehearsal

02 May 2018 at 17:15 CEST
Montenegro rehearsal Andres Putting
Moments ago, Vanja Radovanović finished his first rehearsal on the Eurovision stage. Montenegro's representative rehearsed 'Inje' together with four backing vocals who slowly moved around Vanja while he sang his Eurovision entry.

Vanja Radovanović was born in 1982 and his career kicked off in 2004 at the Budva Music Festival. In February, Vanja Radovanović won Montenegro's national selection Montevizija 2018 with the song Inje, and with it the ticket to Lisbon for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

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The song was written and composed by Vladimir Radovanovic.

Vanja's performance starts with a closeup of someone playing the piano. Within seconds, the focus changes to Vanja, who is wearing a sparkling blue suit. Dark blue light changes into white as he starts singing his song. Vanja's backing vocals step forward, all wearing glittering white gowns with feathers. At around two minutes into the song, the blue and white lighting changes into yellow and red, adding strength to the performance.

Vanja: "I think we can win this thing!" ?

After Vanja's first rehearsal, caught up with the singer from Montenegro: "I'm really glad to be here with my girls and my team. The first rehearsal was nice, it was good to feel the stage and the arena. All other rehearsals will be fantastic, we were so good. Right now, I think we can win this thing!"

Vanja Radovanović will return to the rehearsal stage on Saturday, 5th of May for his second run-through. Montenegro competes in the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 10th of May.

What do you think about Vanja Radovanović's first rehearsal? Will Montenegro make it to the Grand Final? Tell us in the comments!