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Valentina: This time it's more me!

11 May 2013 at 15:00 CEST

“Everything is different in comparing with last year. I’m much happier with what we have this time. That’s why I’m also more relaxed then in Baku”, pop star from San Marino explained, while warming up her voice for the second rehearsal.

We also met composer of the song Crisalide (Vola), the very well known Eurovision legend Ralph Siegel in the backstage area. “I am very satisfied. Especially with the sound. I don’t know if San Marino will qualify. I hope so. I still didn’t manage to hear all the songs. Besides, I want to see and hear them live”, Siegel told us.

Siegel: Everything about Eurovision is different

As he was also the author of the song from last year  The Social Network Song ( Oh Oh - Uh - Oh, Oh) and many other Eurovision songs, including one of the Grand Prix winning songs. Nicole’s Ein bißchen Frieden, we used the moment to ask him, why he keeps returning to the Eurovision Song Contest?

“It is very simple actually. If you were a painter, you would like your work to be seen by as many people as possible. It’s the same with me. I’m a composer. So why not using the opportunity to write a song that will not only be heard and seen in one country, but in the whole of Europe instead. That’s the reason”, the German composer added.

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About the Eurovision in general, what’s different, what has changed and is it better then twenty or thirty years ago?  Ralph Siegel who took part 20 times before in Europe’s Favourite TV show said: “Everything is different. We are not using type writers anymore, we have computers. There are mobile phone, tablets and many other modern devices. It’s the same thing with music. And if you ask me is it better or worse, my answer is, it’s just different.”

"Everything seems warmer and more personal"

Valentina Monetta is more then happy. “Everything is ok”, she said during the Press conference in Malmö Arena. “I don’t want to think about competition. For me this is already a big dream coming true and it would be even bigger getting in the Final.”

Even that she is representing San Marino again, second time in a row, Valentina stated that this year everything is different. “This time I’m telling my story and everything seems warmer and more personal. It’s more me.”

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As one of the questions was, how come this year’s entry, that is obviously reaching more fans and bigger audience, wasn’t offered to Valentina for Eurovision in Baku, Ralph Siegel responded with following explanation.

“This song would not happen last year. As you know, Valentina joined the team in a very last moment. I met her in Baku actually. In the meantime, we wrote six songs that summer and one of them was about transformation. When she heard it Valentina said this is it. So, song wouldn’t be writte without what happened last year. It’s life that brings us in such situations and makes us do creative things.”