Urban Symphony: Singing in the rain

They started their tour together with Laura (member of Suntribe which represented the country in 2005), Sergio Bastos and Raivo Tafenau on the 7th of August and will give their last concert tomorrow on the island of Hiiumaa. 

At their concert in Pärnu, there was suddenly a powercut due to the heavy rain and lightning. When they were performing their hit Rändajad, there was a big bang and the amplifier stopped working. This didn't, however, stop the brave girls from singing and they finished the song without it. The audience honored them with long ovations afterwards! 

The rest of the tour has been much easier on the young musicians and has been very successful. Recently they also released a new single, called Päikese Poole and will release an album by the end of the year.

Urban Symphony represented Estonia at this year's Eurovison Song Contest with Rändajad and qualified the tiny country for the Final for the first time in history. They ended sixth, giving Estonia its best placing since 2002.

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