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Uplifting performance by Bonnie Tyler for UK

The United Kingdom are counting once again on an experienced performer to bring the title back to the nation for a sixth time.

Although Bonnie Tyler has a long professional career stretching back to the 1970s, she was slightly apprehensive about her sound checks. "In 40 years I've never used these before" said Bonnie "but I have to say I am very happy with the sound. I'll still be aware of these in-ear plugs, but it's crazy everyone these days uses them, you never know I might start using them in the future if I like the sound that much."

It also didn't help that the correct version of the song Believe In Me wasn't used on her first sound check; though Bonnie being the true professional singer always belts out the song, even to an audience of a few technicians and her UK delegation. "I always give it my all...but I really shouldn't, I should save my voice, so maybe I won't on the next run through."

The so-called correct version was immediately sent for, only to then discover this version was in too high a key and at the wrong speed!  Finally the correct version turned up and Bonnie was somewhat relieved to get the full sound check done and out the way with.

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Bonnie is backed by two male vocalists (Anthony Goldsbrough and Michael Gazzard), and two female backing vocalists (Hayley Sanderson and Kristen Cummings), and one male drummer (Grant Mugent-Kershaw). The two men also play guitars, while the two girls, play guitar and keyboards respectively.

Bonnie stands at the start of the song slightly to the left of the stage, before she walks out onto the catwalk stage, and then at the climax to the song, and the performance, is when Bonnie is raised high on the platform on the catwalk stage. At the same time the overhead lighting effects are lowered down from the ceiling.

A wind machine is also used, as Bonnie will wear an off the shoulder outfit for the final. Today she was casually dressed in red jeans and dark jacket.

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As is pretty well known by now the song Believe In Me is a track from Bonnie's latest album Rocks And Honey, though Bonnie admitted that she would personally have chosen one of the other tracks off the album as the entry. "I would have picked a power ballad myself, this is the most gentle track on the album. I genuinely love all the tracks on the album, and there is another Desmond Child song called Stubborn, which has got a bit more energy to it, but if they wanted a power ballad, All I Ever Wanted is fantastic, and that was written by Frank Myers."

Although Desmond Child isn't coming out for the contest, Bonnie says that the composer is thrilled that the song is in the contest 

Bonnie added "as long as we do a good performance on the night, that's all I can hope for, so that we can hold our heads up afterwards, whatever the outcome, and I really mean that."

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