Update: Tickets Eurovision 2011 Final sold out!


The tickets went for sale on the website Dticket.de. This website is the only authorised reseller of tickets for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Host Broadcaster NDR and the EBU cannot guarantee authenticity of access for tickets purchased elsewhere.


UPDATE 13:20 CET: An important message to those who are buying tickets to the Final! Due to extremely high demand and despite the large capacity, there is a limit to the amount of traffic the platform can handle per hour, so keep trying! Tickets are available for German ánd foreign fans. Buy through      Dticket.de, the *only* official ticket partner! There are *no* other ticket partners, so be careful of scams!

UPDATE 15:25 CET: Thomas Schreiber, Head of Entertainment at Host Broadcaster NDR, said to Eurovision.tv: "To spread out the peak traffic, we decided to offer the readers of Eurovision.de to buy tickets before noon. However, this was limited to an amount of 4,000 tickets. At the same time, a significant amount of front section tickets has been reserved for the international fan clubs, and several thousands more will go on sale at a later stage, when we know the exact camera positions and the number of participating countries." NDR decided to give MyEurovision subscribers the opportunity to be informed in advance when these tickets go on sale, similar to the way the mailing list members of Eurovision.de have been pre-informed earlier today. More information will be communicated in due time. Note that tickets for the Final are still available!

UPDATE 15:35 CET: Meanwhile, we can also announce that tickets for the Jury Final will go on sale this Wednesday. The Jury Final is the second Dress Rehearsal on Friday, 13th of May, based on which the juries in all participating countries will cast their points. Juries have a 50% stake in the outcome. Tickets for the Semi-Finals and Semi-Final Dress Rehearsals will go on sale in mid-January.

Tickets and prices

A total of 35,000 tickets will be available for the fans of Europe's favourite TV-show to watch the Final on the 14th of May in the Düsseldorf Arena. The live show starts at 21:00 CET, tickets indicate at what time the doors of the arena will open for the public. The prices for the tickets are a bit lower than for the 2010 contest held in Oslo; this year, tickets are available starting at €89. The best tickets go on sale for €189. Up to four tickets can be purchased at the same time.

What about the Semi-Finals?

The tickets for the Semi-Final are expected to go on sale at the end of January, as then it's clear which countries' participants will take part in which Semi-Final. Stay tuned!

The 56th Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 14th of May, preceded by two Semi-Finals, held on the 10th and 12th of May. The show will be broadcast live in some 45 countries.

A little summary

What's happening: Tickets for the Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest on 14 May 2011
When does ticket sale start: Sunday 12 December, 12:12 CET
How much do they cost: Between €89 and €189
Where can I buy them: Dticket.de


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