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Update: The list of participants in the Ukrainian final released

Posted 17 March 2010 at 21:55

The TV viewers in Ukraine have now the possibility to listen to all twenty entries on the local television. There is also Vasyl Lazarovych among the participants. He wants to try his luck once again in the open final. Here is a line-up of the participants in the national final: 1. Vasyl Lazarovych 2. Vitalij Kozlovskij 3. Miya 4. Band Da Zzle Dreams 5. Oleksij Matias 6. Nataliya Valevska 7. El Kravchuk 8. Mira Gold 9. Duet Stereo 10. Yuliya Vois 11. Zlata Okhnevych 12. Max Barskih 13. Alyosha 14. Masha Subko 15. Ivan Berehzovskij 16. Vladislav Levitskij 17. Band Zakliopky 18. Iryna Rosenfeld 19. SH & BB 20. Shanis
On the 19th and 20th of March, 20 clips, each in length of 20 seconds, will be shown in the programmes of the NTU channel as well as in the programmes of its partner broadcasters. Thus the Ukranian people will be able to listen to the 20 musical pieces several times and choose by sms-voting the one which deserves to represent Ukraine in Oslo. On the evening of the 19th of March, all 20 songs will be merited a full-length performance on Shuster Live on local television.
Finally, on the 20th of March, the TV audience will once again be able to root for the best entry in a big music show to be held in Kyiv.
Last year Ukraine finished 12th at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest, held in the Russian capital of Moscow. The entry, Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl), was performed by Svetlana Loboda.
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