UPDATE: Bulgarian finalists announced

The following artists and songs will participate in the Bulgarian national selections:

  • 032 - On Air
  • Poli Genova - Na Inat
  • Bohan Mihajlov - Nestinari
  • Sunrize & All Access Project - Boogie Man
  • Vessy - Believe
  • D2 - Glorious Twist
  • Lazar Kisiov - Zamestitel
  • Vlado Dimov - Sjanka
  • Svetelina Chendova - Luxury Hotel
  • Rut Koleva - Fever
  • Uikeda - Blue Cotton Levi's
  • Milena Slavova - Fire In My hair
  • Mona - Teen Life
  • Simona Sivanio & Sprint - The New Earth
  • 5-te Sezona - Take My Hand
  • Emilka Valenti - Plenjavash Me
  • Zhan Shejtanov - Like A Fairytale
  • Jerihon - Smile
  • Stanny Brown ft. Naso - I Know
  • Svetozar Hristov - Wolf's Song
  • Elmira Kostova - Mome Hubava
  • Jakob - Wicked Way of Love
  • Plamena Petrova - Bez Teb

The  Bulgarian final will be held on the 23rd of February and will be  broadcast live on BNT 1 and BNT World. The concert will be held at  20:30h local time (19.30h CET) in Hall 1 of the National Palace of  Culture - the greatest multifunctional complex in Sofia.

All 23 competitive songs selected by the specially formed Academy  will be performed in the final. The famous Bulgarian composer Stefan  Dimitrov is the Chairman of the Academy.

The audience can vote during the performance of all contesting songs  and the members of the Academy will vote 24 hours earlier during the  Dress Rehearsal. The winner who will represent Bulgaria in Düsseldorf  will be selected by a mix of these two.

The bands Dirty Purches and Tri O Five plus Hotel FM - the  Romanian representatives in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest - will  perform as guest artists.

Bulgaria will compete in the second half of the second semi-final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest on the 12th of May.

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