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[UPD] Ukraine: A project for Jamala's stage costume

13 April 2016 at 03:26 CEST
Vogue team (Olga Janul, Natalia Vasiura, Masha Tsukanova) and Jamala Alina Krasieva (
The stage costumes for the Ukrainian representative in Stockholm, Jamala, will be created by Ivan Frolov, the professional fashion designer of Vogue UA and Dmitry Kuryata, the chief stylist of STB. The final decision between two outfits will be made at the dress rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final. Jamala wants her choice to be a fashion-statement!

Vogue UA has initiated a special project, in which the Ukrainian designers presented their visions of stage costume for the Ukrainian representative in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Jamala. The fashion experts inroduced their nine drafts for singer's appearance in Stockholm. Among all presented outfits Jamala has chosen Ivan Frolov's draft. The singer has already worked with the 22-year-old designer in 2014 where, at one of her concerts, she wore three different costumes made by Frolov

"He seemed to read my thoughts. I always want to open my arms, but make them more feminine at the same time. And Frolov hit the mark: he proposed the volumetric sleeves." Jamala is also delighted with the trousers decorated with the lace patterns: "There is an ethnic note, but a very slight and unobtrusive one. And that's what the song 1944 needs, as this song and this story are universal."

Jamala has also announced that she is very happy to collaborate with Dmitry Kuryata, the chief stylist of STB, this year's partner of UA:Pershyi (NTU). Dmitry Kuriata has presented his versions of Jamala's stage costumes for Stockholm. So the singer still has to decide about her final stage dress. "A costume for the Eurovision Song Contest is a very important thing. Therefore the final decision concerning my dress I will wear on stage will be made in Stockholm at the dress rehearsal of the Semi-Final. Only then we will understand how a dress looks on TV during the broadcasting, and how it correlates with stage graphics and lighting effects", said Jamala.







All presented options have been geared to Jamala's wishes, and can be viewed exclusively on the web site of Vogue UA

Personally I prefer trouser suit, as I am a singer who moves on stage, doesn't dance, but just moves. Trousers makes a stable position on stage that is so important for my entry. I imagine a modern female, a cosmopolitan, not related to a certain culture. She is familiar to everybody, and everybody can mirror himself or herself in her. I am not averse to include some imprints and ornaments. The designers know me either as Jamala in sneakers or as Jamala on high heels. And I am very curious how they see me on the Eurovision stage.
We are interested to cooperate with Jamala, as she is a nice, talented and charismatic singer who actively supports Ukrainian designers, both experienced and young ones who are doing their first steps in fashion industry. Thanks to Jamala and her talent not only people from Ukraine but also thousands of viewers across Europe who will watch the Eurovision Song Contest will get to know our national designers. The special project Vogue UA and Jamala give an excellent opportunity for the Ukrainian designers to go beyond their usual creation of season-line fashion collection and try their creativity in making stage costume that requires additional professional knowledge and skills, Natalia Vasiura, the senior web-editor of Vogue UA commented.

In the upcoming week, Jamala with the Vogue team will make the final decision. Follow our news!