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[UPD] Singers allotted for the Moldovan semi-finals

29 January 2015 at 14:41 CET

A week ago, the live auditions for the Moldovan national selection took place in Chisinau, where the best 24 hopefuls were announced. Today, the Moldovan national broadcaster TRM published the running order for the first and the second semi-finals to be held on the 24th and 26th of February.

First semi-final (24th of February):

  1. Eduard Romanyuta - I Want Your Love
  2. Marcel Roşca - Feelings Will Never Leave
  3. Kitty Brucknell - Remix
  4. Mihaela Andrei - About Love
  5. Raby - Hero
  6. Glam Girls - Magia
  7. Diana Brescan - Up And Down
  8. Serj Kuzenkoff - Danu Năzdrăvanu
  9. Domenico Protino - Let Me Fly
  10. Sunstroke Project & Dj Michael Ra - Day After Day
  11. Irina Kitoroagă - I’m Gonna Get You
  12. Anişoara Volînschi - Vocea Inimii

Second semi-final (26th of February):

  1. Vera & Diana Popa - Faith
  2. Valeria Paşa - I Can Change All My Life
  3. Carolina Gorun - Sublime
  4. Stela Boţan - Save me
  5. Cezara - Am Devenit Straini
  6. Doinita Gherman -Inima Fierbinte
  7. Dana Markitan - Love Me
  8. DoReDos - Maricica
  9. Vitalie Todiraşcu - Tu Singura
  10. Julia Sandu - Fire
  11. Lidia Isac - I Can’t Breathe
  12. Miss M - Lonely Stranger

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You can listen to the songs on the TRM site. Among this year's semi-finalists there is Sunstroke Project. Together with Olia Tira, they represented Moldova in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. This year, Sunstroke Project joined forces with Dj Michael Ra.

The Moldovan national final is scheduled for the 28th of February.