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‘United By Music’: Liverpool 2023 theme revealed

31 January 2023 at 08:00 CET
United By Music
The theme for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, set to take place in Liverpool in May, has been revealed, including the slogan: ‘United By Music’.

The new slogan demonstrates the unique partnership between the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Host City Liverpool to bring the Eurovision Song Contest to audiences across the globe and the incredible power of music to bring communities together. It also reflects the very origins of the Contest, developed to bring Europe closer together through a shared television experience across different countries.

With over 160 million viewers watching last year, the look of the vibrant, wider identity celebrates this shared cultural experience as ‘millions of hearts beat as one’. 

Inspired by the Ukrainian and United Kingdom flags, the colours used are designed to reflect the joy and diversity of the contest.

The colourful ECG (electrocardiogram) effect produces a string of hearts, each one responsive to rhythm and sound, to illustrate the collective beating heart of all Eurovision contestants and viewers alike. We are all ‘United by Music’. And the typeface used is called ‘Penny Lane’, inspired by the twentieth-century cast-iron signs displaying Liverpool street names and a nod to the city’s rich musical heritage.

Designed through a creative partnership between Superunion agency in the United Kingdom and Ukrainian creative studio Starlight Creative, the new brand will first be seen in action by viewers during the Handover and Allocation Draw show this evening from 20:00 CET on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, and for viewers in the United Kingdom on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

This partnership demonstrates how the show will be made by collaborations on and off camera.

St George's Hall, Liverpool BBC / James Stark

Martin Green CBE, Managing Director, Eurovision Song Contest 2023, at the BBC had this to say:

‘The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will be a truly special event and the creative look is a big part of creating that magic. This year’s identity sums up perfectly the amazing partnerships across the Contest and more importantly the power of music to bring people together across the world.’

Superunion’s Executive Creative Director, Stuart Radford and Creative Director, Katherina Tudball said: 

‘We are thrilled to create the 67th Eurovision Song Contest visual identity in partnership with Ukrainian agency, Starlight, and the BBC. For this year's theme, United By Music, our solution was inspired by research showing that when experiencing live music together, human hearts synchronise to beat in unison. This insight led to the creative concept of 160 million hearts beating as one, an idea that captures the universal spirit of Eurovision.’

Olena Martynova, CEO, Starlight Creative comments: 

‘Creativity and music both have the power to unite and inspire. We are so proud to be part of the creative concept for such an important musical event when more than ever, we need to come together as a global community. For Starlight, it is an opportunity to represent Ukraine on an international stage, showcase our creative and musical ability, and create something that honours our strength and the power of unity’.

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