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Emmelie de Forest is never giving up on music

15 May 2017 at 12:00 CEST
Emmelie de Forest Thomas Hanses
Emmelie de Forest won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 for Denmark with 'Only Teardrops.' She co-wrote the United Kingdom's entry this year, 'Never Give Up On You' which was performed by Lucie Jones. We caught up with the singer-songwriter to find out what she's been up to since her Eurovision win.

Emmelie was excited to be in Kyiv and at Eurovision again. "I’m very excited but I’m also calm, as a songwriter you’re more in the background, it’s more relaxing than four years ago when I was on the stage."

The Eurovision Song Contest changed Emmelie’s life. "Back then I was nineteen or twenty, I had just finished school and moved to Copenhagen to study singing but I was not in the music business at that point. After I won Eurovision everything changed. I’m still making a living out of music because of that."

The Danish artist explained that alongside singing she has also started writing. "After the 2013 contest I started to get into songwriting. Last year I wrote a song for Anja, who represented Denmark this year. She came second in the national selection in Denmark in 2016, she almost won, so it's really been an adventure."

Emmelie explained that songwriting is her main focus for now but performing also remains important. "I’ve been writing a lot of songs over the last four years, more than 80 in fact. I’ll also record some new songs later this summer." 

Not only has Emmelie won Eurovision for Denmark, Never Give Up On You provided the United Kingdom with its best placing in the Eurovision Song Contest for more than five years. 

You can follow all the latest from Emmelie on her Instagram account.