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United Kingdom selection details to be announced soon

14 January 2010 at 13:17 CET

In 2009, world famous composer Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber was tasked with writing the United Kingdom entry which was performed by Jade Ewen. It reached a respectable 5th place in Moscow.

The format for selecting the British entry in 2009 was very different to that of previous years, taking place over a few weeks with participants being scrutinised by a panel of judges and subsequently being voted out by the public.

This year there have been rumours that composers and artists such as Gary Barlow may write the British entry and that the format for choosing the artist will be similar to that of 2009. It has also been said that last year's host and the BBC's commentator, Graham Norton will once again be involved. 

However, the only information we can confirm at this point in time is that the BBC will soon announce this year's selection format. A teaser banner has also been posted on the broadcaster's Eurovison web portal.

Watch this space for more information!