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United Kingdom: Molly's powerful message to the people

06 May 2014 at 13:01 CEST

Very concerned with producing an optimal performance, Molly and her backing vocalists were backstage engaging in a little voice warm up before the rehearsal... the harmonic sound emanated throughout the backstage area. 

As Molly walked through the backstage area, the first thing noticeable was her dress and shoes, which she was not wearing in the previous rehearsal. Her dress is shiny with feathery accents around the shoulders. One of the most striking features of the outfit, however, are the knee high cage shoes. 

Before the performance, speculation was rife as to whether or not Molly would be wearing her trademark headdress during the rehearsal, as can be seen from her outfit from the Official Opening Ceremony:

Chinese lanterns

There appears to have been a few changes made since Molly's first rehearsal on Sunday. Since then the camera angles have appeared to have changed, putting greater emphasis on certain high-powered elements of the song. 

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At the beginning the performance, soft lights move at the back of the stage, slowly building up during the performance with white lights flashing during parts of the song where the tempo changes. Towards the end, Chinese lanterns appear on the rear LED screen. Today, there were no pyros during the rehearsal because, as the floor manager said, "we do not usually do that during second rehearsals". 

Vocally, Molly sang very well but there were times during the run-throughs where she did not sing at all, telling the press and fans in the hall, "as you can see, I am saving my voice". During the last run-through, however, she gave a full vocal rendition and was, as ever, very competent. 

"I can only say good things about Eurovision' 

In Molly's press conference, many people turned up to ask her quesitons. One of the first questions was about what motivated her to take part in the competition. The first thing she said was, "I am so glad I made this choice!"

She then went on to say, "I can't imagine there is another experience like it and I am so grateful for the platform it is giving me as an artist". 

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A question was also posed to the Head of Delegation, Guy Freeman about how Molly was discovered. He said, "There is a platform called BBC Introducing for young new acts, so we contacted them and they sent us a very long list of artists, but Molly stood out with her amazing vocal ability. I am very proud about how she has responded to the whole thing and even now I can see her growing as an artist on stage". 

Molly spoke about the artists taking part here to which she said, "the calibre of the acts here is just amazing, and I am not worried about the competition at all because they are all so good and it is just an excellent opportunity for all involved".

She also spoke about the fans, "they are just so enthusiastic and get behind every single act... It is amazing". She went on to say, "In January I was working part time in a shop and now I am getting messages from all over the world". 

At the end of her press conference Molly drew which half of the Grand Final she will perform in: the second half. 

"I'm going to enjoy every moment!"

Check out our video interview with Molly, where she talks about the contest and what it, among other things, means to her: 

You can also check out her Video Snack, right here:

The United Kingdom will perform in the Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on the 10th of May.