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United Kingdom: Josh practising hard for Oslo

18 April 2010 at 22:33 CEST

Josh has been working hard with a team of experienced choreographers and set designers to find an exciting new way to present the song in Oslo. And Pete Waterman the composer seems very happy with the plans so far.

The styling for Josh's performance in Oslo will be handled by Frank Strachan. He's the man behind the innovative looks for artists such as Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud, Jamelia and Pet Shop Boys.

During the last week, Josh was at the BBC's Television Centre working with his backing vocalists and dancers, putting together what's called the Director's Tape. This is what the BBC sends through to Norway's state broadcaster to help them in putting together the all-important camera moves for the big night.

Josh reveals of the performance "We have been practising hard the choreography of the song and learning all of the moves, which if I do them wrong could end up being fatal!. We will be using the whole stage and a few different platforms. Also we will have a few wind machines, and the final version is slightly different to the one where I won the national selection."

Josh also admitted to having gone through quite a few different emotions regarding his participation in Europe's Favourite TV show, he adds "First of all I was just nervous at one point, now i'm taking it all on board and I intend to just have a great time, and for the audience to have a good time and hope that other countries will like our performance."

Who are Josh's favourites amongst the other songs?

Having watched some of the competition for Oslo, Josh admitted to liking the Spanish entry from Daniel Diges very much and also Denmark and Iceland.

In the next week or so, Josh will be heading to the Norwegian Embassy in London where he'll be meeting the Ambassador and hopefully saying hello to Norway's 2010 act Didrik Solli-Tangen if the current aviation problems across Europe are eased.

Josh will then begin six weeks of extensive press coverage, with interviews lined up with publications and websites from right across the continent. And Josh will be travelling to Europe to promote the United Kingdom entry.

The United Kingdom will perform in the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and will sing in position number 12 in the running order. After a number of disappointing results in the 2000's, Jade Ewen finished ina very respectable fifth place for the United Kingdom in Moscow last year with the Andrew Lloyd Webber & Diane Warren song It's My Time.