United Kingdom entry to be revamped


After much criticism by the public of the quality of the Pete Waterman and Mike Stock composed song, Mike Stock has announced on his website that the song will be remixed and a new, better version released soon.

In a reaction to the criticism and comments received about the song That Sounds Good To Me, Stock said, "what I found most frustrating was having to record six different versions of That Sounds Good To Me incomplete and unfinished. Obviously until you know who has won you can't deliver the final version. This is what has made this year slightly unusual"

This appeared to be a criticism of the BBC's national selection format where each of the six acts rehearsed to perform their own version of the song with only three being presented on the night.

He then went on to say that he is busy preparing a new and final version of the song, which he expects to pleasantly surprise people.

On Saturday the British Public, with the help of legendary song writer Pete Waterman, selected 19 year old Josh Dubovie to sing the song. Mike Stock says that he is going to work closely with Josh in the next week to prepare a new version of the song to presumably make it more suitable for his voice as well as sprucing it up a bit. Mike also commented on the versatility of Josh saying, "this is great news for me because we can concentrate on delivering a thumping and exciting mix without worrying if the singer can cope".

On the subject of whether or not the United Kingdom can take home victory in Oslo on the 29th of May, Stock said, "I don't ask myself the question 'can we win Eurovision?',  I just want only to do a great job and, believe me, it isn't easy because so many things are out of your control.  But anything is possible to do".

In 2009 the United Kingdom achieved a very respectable fifth place when Jade Ewen performed the song It's My Time written by world-famous composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber and legendary lyricist Diane Warren.

Below: Video of United Kingdom entry, That Sounds Good To Me.







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