United Kingdom: Blue talk about the parties and atmosphere in Düsseldorf

British flags adorned the long press conference table in the hall. Lee, Duncan, Antony and Simon from Blue walked into the room with commentator Graham Norton, Head of Delegation Phil Parsons and the Head of Press Stuart MacDonald. 

Duncan started by saying "It's the first time in over a week we have been on the stage. It's so crazy and so big. Today it wasn't about the rehearsal it's about the show tonight".  

They were asked about if they are going to have any gimmicks on stage. Antony said, "We hope our vocals come across and that we do our country proud". 

There was a question about (the lack of) radio play in the UK for I Can, to which Graham Norton said "Without much radio play they still charted quite well so it means that people still want to buy it". 

One journalist asked if there is there anything to be learned from the younger people in the competition. "You take for granted the love you receive some times, but after coming back after so long we feel like new artists", said Lee. 

The group was asked if they have any advice for next year's participant by one journalist from the UK. "We've already asked the BBC if we can be part of the selection process next year", said Lee. Phil Parsons nodded. 

The question "Why do you think the UK has a love hate relationship with Eurovision?" was asked by a fan. Graham Norton replied, "Well, as Blue are here this year it shows that the UK are taking it seriously". 

A Russian journalist asked what there is about the Eurovision Song Contest that you can't see on TV:

Simon said, "The crazy parties, the atmosphere. Going about Düsseldorf and seeing the vibe of what Eurovision is all about. Being part of it in the Düsseldorf arena is amazing". 

Graham Norton then went on to say said, "People at home don't see the scale of it and that the whole city is engulfed by it" 

As the press conference ended, I Can was played as the press made their way out of the hall. 

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