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San Marino 2024: 'Una Voce Per San Marino' names released

19 February 2024 at 12:00 CET
Piqued Jacks representing San Marino in 2023, backstage at Liverpool Arena Chloe Hashemi / EBU
Broadcaster San Marino RTV has unveiled the list of 9 artists already confirmed to be taking part in the final of 'Una Voce Per San Marino'.

Ahead of the final of Una Voce Per San Marino on Saturday 24 February, we now know the names of 9 of the 17 artists that will be participating in the country's pre-selection for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

At a press conference on Monday 19 February, the Sammarinese broadcaster revealed the 8 established acts that will be taking part, as well as 1 act which has qualified from their Casperaki AI initiative. 

These will be joined by 8 emerging artists, who will be revealed via 5 semi-finals that are taking place between Monday and Friday, 19 and 23 February.

The 8 Established Artists

Aaron Sibley

Aimie Atkinson


La Rua

Marcella Bella


Wlady, DJ Jad, Corona, Ice MC

Loredana Bertè

As well as the 8 established artists, San Marino RTV has also revealed the artist that will be taking part having come through the Casperaki AI initiative, the hybrid music production platform based on algorithms and artificial intelligence that allows musicians to generate rough drafts of tracks that the artist can then shape into complete songs. 

In the autumn of 2023, Casperaki launched a public call for song drafts to be submitted to Una Voce Per San Marino using Casperaki's AI chatbots. The winning artist is Dana Gillespie, a British blues singer, who will sing The Last Polar Bear; a song that addresses the urgent issue of environmental pollution. The song, initially created by Casperaki's AI music platform, was transformed by Dana Gillespie into a powerful environmental anthem, highlighting her commitment to global concerns through her art. 

The 8 Emerging Artists

The final lineup of Una Voce Per San Marino will be gradually completed throughout the week commencing Monday 19 February.

Between the Monday and the Thursday, 4 semi-finals will take place, during which a selection of emerging artists will compete for the remaining slots in Saturday night's final. 

San Marino’s Achille Lauro at the Second Semi-Final in Turin, 2022 EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

From each semi-final, one artist will qualify to the final, while 4 will qualify to a second-chance round that is happening on Friday 23 February. From the second-chance competition, three more artists will be awarded with a place in the final.

Concurrently taking place on that Friday will be a semi-final dedicated solely to Sammarinese emerging artists. And from this semi-final, we'll have our 17th and final name taking part in Saturday night's all-important Una Voce Per San Marino final.

Monday 19 February, 21:40 - Semi-Final 1
Tuesday 20 February, 21:40 - Semi-Final 2
Wednesday 21 February, 21:40 - Semi-Final 3
Thursday 22 February, 21:40 - Semi-Final 4
Friday 23 February, 21:40 - Second-Chance Round and Sammarinese Semi-Final
Saturday 24 February, 21:00 - Una Voce Per San Marino Final

All shows can be streamed live via the San Marino RTV online player.

At the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, San Marino was represented by the winner of Una Voce Per San Marino 2023, Piqued Jacks.

The band competed in Liverpool with their song Like An Animal.