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Ukrainian final on February 21st

14 January 2016 at 16:53 CET
Verka Serduchka sang for Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 STB
Ukrainian public broadcaster UA Pershyi and its partner STB announced the dates of semi-finals: the 6th and the 13th of February. The national final will take place on the 21st of February.

Although the application round is still open till the 20th of January, three shows are already set and will be broadcast live on UA Pershyi and STB starting at 18:00 CET. Two semi-finals will take place on the 6th and 13th of February. On the 21st of February we will find out who will represent Ukraine in Stockholm. The winner will be chosen by the mixed jury- and televoting.

Konstantin Meladze is one of the jury members in the Ukrainian national final

Konstantin Meladze, a well known composer and producer, has been invited by UA Pershyi and STB as a producer and a judge of the Ukrainian national selection.