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Ukrainian angel playing in the sand

03 May 2011 at 16:43 CEST

"This is so exciting. I hope there's a good sound in the hall, I really like to sing live," Mika Newton said while waiting for the rehearsals to begin in her dressing room.

She was wearing a colourful costume with high-heeled shoes. For the stage she'll wear a long skin coloured dress with feathers on her shoulders. "It's all hand made for me from my design," she tells.

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For the stage performance Mika will be joined by the popular sand artist Kseniia Simonova, the winner of Ukraine's got talent whose videos have millions of clicks on youtube.

Mika Newton might sound like an English name. It is only her stage name as, in fact, her name is Oksana Stefanivna Hrytsay. "'Mika' is from Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, and Newton is a pun on -new tone-".

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A dream come true

In her press conference Mika Newton acknowledged that being in the Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true as, since Ruslana won, the programme became massive in Ukraine and every singer in the country wants to take part.

After praising the sound at the arena and the great team surrounding this year's Eurovision Song Contest, she explained how difficult is to coordinate the work of the two artists on stage, herself and Sand artist Kseniia Simonova.

 It's very hard to recreate the energy of both artists on the stage. It will certainly be a challenge.

Later she replied what was for Mika a very intimate question about her charity work. "This is something that I do from my heart and I truly enjoy it. I really love kids and working with children, especially those who are less fortunate".

Kseniia, the sand artist, was also very concerned with this matter and Mika explained how her whole team loved kids: "by coincidence some members of the team couldn't come to Düsseldorf because they are either pregnant or in labour, even my make-up artist announced us only days before departing that she wouldn't be able to come because she was also pregnant!"

About the collaboration between the two artists on stage Newton explained that she sent the song to Ksenija so she would study it and would be able to illustrate it with her art.

She also explained about her experience recording in a studio in London and what meant for her working with world renowned composer Walter Affanasiev: "I'll never forget the feeling that I had when he was playing the piano by my side. I even touched one of his Grammy's!"

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Ready to go international

In 2011 Ukraine will send othe so-called "Queen of Soundtracks" to the Eurovision Song Contest as she sings in many Ukrainian and Russian films and TV series as well as in commercial videos.

Besides making her way up in vocal career, Mika Newton wants to become an actress. She has already starred in two films.

In Los Angeles, Mika got acquainted with the legendary producer Walter Afanasieff who offered to work on new repertoire for Mika and has already written two songs for the Ukrainian singer.

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