Ukraine: Vasyl or not Vasyl?


Twenty candidates for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest from Ukraine are going to give their best in tonight's musical show and to persuade the TV viewers as well as a professional jury of the quality of their songs. There will be different music styles, from ballads to uptempo dance music and sung in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Here is a line-up of the participants and their songs in the tonight's final:

1. Vitalij Kozlovskij - Malo
2 .Vasyl Lazarovych - I Love You
3. SH & BB (Band Spalakhnuv Shyfer and Briats-band) – Ne Zhurys'
4. Oleksij Matias - Angely Ne Umirayut
5. Band Zakliopky – Anybody home?
6. Ivan Berehzovskij – No Doubt
7. Duet Stereo – Ne Shodi S Uma
8. Iryna Rosenfeld – Forever
9. Shanis – Lechu K Tebe
10. Max Barskih – Belyj Voron
11. Vladislav Levitskij – Davaj, Davaj
12. Miya – Vona
13. Band Da Zzle Dreams - Emotion Lady
14. Masha Subko – Ya Tebya Lyublyu
15. Zlata Okhnevych - Tiny Island
16. Mira Gold - Crazy Lady
17. Nataliya Valevska – Europe
18. Yuliya Vois – Zavyazhy Mne Glaza
19. El Kravchuk - Fly To Heaven
20. Alyosha – To Be Free

The band Zakliopky took part in the Ukrainian national selection in 2009, but didn't manage to reach the final. Vasyl Lazarovych is going to try his luck once again.

The winner of this year's Ukrainian final will be decided by a public vote and a professional jury.

Last year Ukraine finished 12th at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest, held in the Russian capital of Moscow. The entry, Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl), was performed by Svetlana Loboda.

Ukraine will participate in the first half of the second Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest on the 27th of May.

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