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Ukraine: Vasyl Lazarovych loves you!

Posted 6 March 2010 at 19:57

The bass baritone singer, Vasyl Lazarovych, started tonight's show with his first entry Adrenalin. The song was performed in Russian. The Ukrainian representative was very confident on stage and made the public feel the power of his deep voice. During the first entry the singer wore a very elegant black costume. He sat on a big black chair, which started moving in the middle of the song and six dancers appeared from a black overhang. The second entry was Shine Of Your Star. The singer appeared on stage in a grey costume, accompanied by six dancers in black monk-like clothes. The third song I Know was performed in front of blue LEDs that made this ballad sound more romantic. Four violin players, one saxophonist and one cello player were supporting Vasyl on stage. During the fourth song Don't Wanna Lose You the rock atmosphere hang over the studio. And the last one I Love You was sung half in English, half in Ukrainian. The singer wore a very elegant white jacket that reminded of the world famous movie star John Travolta; this "Saturday Night Fever" atmosphere set a great excitement in the studio of NTU. Here is the line-up of tonight's show (winner's song in bold):
  • Adrenalin Composed by Dmitriy Klimashenko, lyrics by Olga Yarynich (Ukraine)
  • I Know Composed by Nikola Karajia (Romania), lyrics by Brandon Stone (Germany)
  • Shine Of Your Star Music & lyrics by Ziga Pirnat (Slovenia) and Brandon Stone (Germany)
  • Don’t Wanna Lose You Music & lyrics by Claes Andreasson (Sweden)
  • I love you… Music & lyrics by Brandon Stone (Germany) and Olga Yarynich (Ukraine)
The winning song, representing Ukraine at the 55th Eurovision Song Contest, is I love you... It scored the highest points by the televoting as well as by the professional jury. The song is written by Brandon Stone and Olga Yarynich.
Participants in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan came to support Vasyl tonight. Ukrainian stars Iryna Rosenfeld, Tatyana Nedelska and Katya Burzynska were invited to the national selection to perform their songs and to support Vasyl Lazarovych! Vasyl and his guests delivered an exciting and entertaining show that gave the viewers goosebumps! Last year Ukraine finished 12th at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest, held in the Russian capital of Moscow. The entry, Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl), was performed by Svetlana Loboda.
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