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Ukraine: TVORCHI revamps 'Heart of Steel' for Liverpool

09 March 2023 at 11:00 CET
TVORCHI will represent Ukraine in Liverpool UA:PBC / Michael Fedorak
Ukraine's Eurovision 2023 representatives TVORCHI have released a revamped version of their song 'Heart of Steel'.

Heart of Steel was the first 2023 entry to be announced, way back in December 2022 when the duo won Ukraine's national selection show Vidbir.

TVORCHI explain: 'Our song is about everyone who, despite all hopelessness, carries a heart of steel in their chest and does not give up. Today it is all of us. Our song has lines, "Don't be scared to say just what you think. Cause no matter how bad, someone’s listening". We want our unbreakable spirit to be heard everywhere.'

The original Vidbir version of the song is still available to watch on the official Eurovision YouTube channel: