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Ukraine to host Junior 2013

07 February 2013 at 10:00 CET

It all started with several broadcasters all over Europe expressing their wish to host the event this fall. As always, a bidding process was held and the final decision was made by the Steering Group of the contest.

To make sure the contest will be held at the best possible level, the Steering Group evaluated all proposals and in the end the offer by Ukrainian broadcaster NTU, was chosen.

"We felt NTU's proposal was the strongest one among the bids we received. Thanks to our previous experience with them and their plans for this years’ event, we are expecting an excellent show in Kyiv," says Vladislav Yakovlev, Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

NTU organised also the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. That event was won by Ralf Mackenbach with his song Click Clack representing the Netherlands.

The previous Junior Eurovision Song Contest was also won by Ukraine when their contestant Anastasiya Petryk won the hearts of Europe with her song Nebo.

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Unlike at the Eurovision Song Contest, winning the contest does not grant the right to host the next edition. The Host Broadcaster is decided in a bidding process and is decided by the Steering Group which is made up by representatives from broadcasters all over Europe.