Ukraine to be represented by Vasyl Lazarovich


Today, a press conference was held in Kyiv to announce Vasyl Lazarovich as the Ukrainian representative for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. He was appointed by the members of the Arts Council of NTU, the Ukrainian public broadcaster. Ten out of eleven council members had voted in favour of the experienced vocalist with a distinct bass baritone voice.

The singer commented on the announcement during the press conference: "I am surprised by this decision - till the last moment I couldn’t dream of representing Ukraine at the Eurovision. I am well aware of the great responsibility this puts on me. For the past five years, I heard not a single low voice in the Eurovision contest; this is why I wanted to go beyond the standard norms, beyond the so-called format, to demonstrate the power of my voice. The more you’re unlike the others, the better. I will work with the best European composers so that the song that I’ll be singing uncovers my capacity to the full."

In order to find a suitable entry for Vasyl Lazarevich, songwriters were asked to send in their works for consideration. As the singer pointed out, he is looking for "a 100% chart buster to conquer Europe".

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