Ukraine: Superwoman rescues us from crisis

Fifteen entries competed in the Ukrainian national final on the eve of the 8th of March. They had been selected out of 31 contestants in the semi-final, held a month before. 

Svetlana Loboda's "Valentines" were four dancers, dressed in traditional Ukrainian kossack clothes and different hats, wearing artificial black moustaches - at the same time, she rocked the stage herself, playing the drum kit. 

After the performances, the viewers voted for their favourites while several national and international stars performed on stage. Some singers dedicated their entries the International Women's Day.

In the end, there were two reasons to celebrate for Svetlana Loboda tonight: the International Women's Day and her victory in the Ukrainian national selection. She received the highest points from both the televoting and the jury. You can see her video below.


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The creative genius of Svetlana Loboda is a local icon in many areas, starting with singing and ending with script writing and fashion. Be sure to look at the YouTube video below for more!


She started her solo career in 2004. April 2008 saw the launch of her own fashion line wearing the name F*ck The Macho. The scandalous, as it may seem, the idea became the popular trend and style concept, expressing social protest against false glamorous trends and sticky stereotypes.

The creative potential of Svetlana doesn’t end up with the described! Later on, in Autumn 2008, she tries herself as the script writer for the music video Za Chto (For What) which proved to be a success.

She'll take the stage seventeenth in the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 14th of May in Moscow. Read more about her on her Artist Profile.

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