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Kalush Orchestra moments after winning the Eurovision Song Contest

Ukraine starts search for Eurovision 2023 act

17 August 2022 at 18:00 CEST
Kalush Orchestra moments after winning the Eurovision Song Contest EBU / Corinne Cumming
Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC has begun the search for an act to represent their nation at the Eurovision Song Contest being held in the United Kingdom.

Applications are now being accepted via the broadcaster’s website with a deadline set for Saturday 15 October.

The process for finding Ukraine’s Eurovision act is starting much earlier than usual, as the broadcaster hopes to have the artist confirmed by December.

In addition to the early start, UA:PBC have also announced musician and TV personality Dmytro Shurov (AKA Pianoboy) as the official music producer of the national selection.

‘Music lifts you from the emotional bottom, gives hope, recharges, heals. Ukraine has something to give to the world, we are a nation of free people who want to create, not destroy, and it is very important that new Ukrainian music is born and reaches people' said Dmytro.

UA:PBC also stated that having listened to feedback from fans they will be introducing an online vote to determine which act will represent Ukraine in 2023. The final will be held in Kyiv in December and the winner will be announced live.

Ukraine, as the winning country in 2022, will automatically qualify for the Grand Final of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in the United Kingdom. 

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