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Ukraine's got talent on stage in Düsseldorf

06 May 2011 at 20:17 CEST

The Ukranian entry Angel has now entered a brand new dimension with the addition of the sand art on their background projection in their aim to stand out among the competition in the second Semi-Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

The sand artist Kseniya Simonova, is a great fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. She eagerly tells how her work with the sand started accidentally: "I published a magazine two years ago, which closed because of the crisis. I got a horrible depression".

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How did Kseniia managed to overcome her depression? "I have a little son, who was less than a year at the time, I had to get over this and take care of him. I just found some sand and started drawing. In three months, I entered Ukraine Got Talent, and six months later, I won it," she says.

The other talent on stage belongs in fact to that of the singer of the song, Mika Newton. Mika wore her stage costume in today's rehearsal and has an angelic look that fits with the song's lyrics.

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The Ukrainian Head of Delegation started the press conferences by stating that there had been difficulties during the second rehearsal - the camera above Kseniia Simonova's sand table had been relocated and it was irritating her during her performance. 

Kseniia was present at the press conference herself and explained in fluent German that she was enjoying her stay in Düsseldorf a lot, visiting arts galleries and exhibitions. She added that she hoped that the technical problems in the rehearsal would be solved.

She also explained the story painted in sand and depicted on the LED screens. It's about a little girl that lost her mom, and when she feels only indifference from other people, an angel comes and saves her.

When Mika Newton was asked to perform the original version of her song Angel, she sang a part of the Russian version accappella to the press. After that she commented on the negative comments from the press in Ukraine, which have been criticizing the way she was selected to be the Ukrainian representative, saying that it was very important for her that hundreds of thousands of supporters had joined a farewell party on the main square in Kyiv.

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