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Ukraine: running order in the national final

Posted 11 Febuary 2012 at 0:50

Tonight, the candidates in the Ukrainian national final have drawn their running orders. But we still don’t know who will sing in position number three. This wild card will go to the winner chosen by online voting on the platform. Four contestants who didn't reach the final still have the possibility to get the ticket and perform in position three on the 18th of February. Their names are Max Barskih, La Festa, Lena Shtefan and Yevhen Vynogradov. The winner of this online voting will be announced on the 15th of February.
Here is the running order of 22 candidates:
1. Shanis Dream 2. Vitalij Halaj I Want To Love 3. winner 4. Olya Polyakova Lepestok 5. Eduard Romanyuta I’ll Never Let Go 6. Band Legkyj Flirt MegaMix 7. Igor Tatarenko You’re My Life 8. Myhajlo Hrytskan Ya Tak Iskal Tebya 9. Duet Masha Shazonova & Tyhon Levchenko I Close To You 10. Marta My Heart Is Sorrowing 11. Hajtana Be My Guest 12. Oksana Nesterenko Mondo Blu 13. RAPIRA Get Over 14. Andrij Bohomolets Are You Waiting For Me 15. BONDarchuk I Don’t Know Why 16. Renata Love In Sunlight Rays 17. Band Treeorange New Day 18. NEREALNYE (The Incredibles) Just A Dream 19. Matias I Will Fight To The End 20. Ulyana Rudakova Ty Ne Odyn 21. Marietta Rainbow 22.Lena Voloshyna Let It Out
The voting in the national final on the 18th of February will be a combination of SMS voting and the verdict of an expert jury. Unlike previous years, there will be no internet voting and a rule permitting only one vote per phone will be implemented.
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