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Ukraine: Results of the second semi-final

13 February 2016 at 23:05 CET
The qualifiers for the Ukrainian national final
Tonight the second semi-final took place in Kyiv where nine musicians fought for a place in the national final to be held on 21st of February. Three candidates, NuAngels, SunSay and Pur:Pur, persuaded the viewers and the jury panel and thus advanced to the final!

In the beginning of the show the jury member Konstantin Meladze emphasized that in this semi-final there were "all genres possible for the Eurovision Song Contest". The show was opened by Arkadij Vojtjuk and his county folk entry Vse V Tobi in the Ukrainian language. New and unknown musicians stood on stage tonight: the band Peaks of Kings sang for the very first time in their life on the big stage. Japanda, three sisters, performed their very special colourful entry Anime. Also famous singers like NeAngely, ALLOISE and SunSay delivered great performances.  

Tonight's show was hosted by Dimitri Tankovich and Aleksander Pedan. Tonight's finalists have been chosen by a combination of public and jury voting (50/50). The jury panel consisted of three well-known personalities: the producer and composer Konstantin Meladze; the winner of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest Ruslana; and Andrdei Danilko, also known as Verka Seduchka who finished second in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the entry Dancing Lasha Tumbai.

Barei, the Spanish participant in Stockholm was a special guest in tonight's show. She performed her Eurovision entry Say Yay.

After a commercial break, the jury panel was ready to give their votes: SunSay reached the highest position with 9 points. Pur:Pur got 8 points. NeAngely with 7 points came third in the jury voting. The audience gave the highest number of points to SunSay. Ne Angely got 8 points, and Pur:Pur 7 points (see the chart below). Thus these three candidates made it through to the final on 21st of February.

It was the order of appearance on stage in tonight's show in Kyiv (qualifiers in bold):

  1. Arkadij Vojtjuk - Vse V Tobi
  2. ALLOISE - Crown
  3. Japanda - Anime
  4. NeAngely (Nuangels) - Higher
  5. Pur:Pur - We Do Change
  6. Peaks of Kings - Last Hope
  7. Victoria Petryk - Overload
  8. Pringlez - Easy To Love
  9. SunSay - Love Manifest

Tonight's qualifiers

NeAngely (NuAngels)

The iconic pop duo from Ukraine are famous for its outstanding powerful voices and striking charisma of its vocalists. NuAngels are two female singers Victoria and Slava. The duo was created by Yuri Nikitin. A song Higher for this year’s national Ukrainian selection was written by Alexander Bard, Andreas Öhrn and Chris Wahle.


Pur:Pur was founded in 2008 in the city of Kharkiv and became popular through Internet. Pur:Pur consists of three members: Nata Smirina (lead vocal), Evgeni Zhebko (guitar), Gregori Oleynik (drums). The band performs indie-rock, jazz and bossa nova. Pur:Pur sang at various festivals like Gogol-Fest, Stereoleto and others. For the Ukrainian national semi-final the band prepared the song We Do Change.

Sun Say

The lead singer Andrei Zaporozhets said that he never watched the Eurovision Song Contest before. The band came to the contest to show that Ukrainian music can also be of a high quality. The musician easily persuaded the jury and the audience of it. All three jury members praised SunSay's originality and great vocals. SunSay got a huge applause from the viewers.

A band SanSay was founded in 2007. Andrei Zaporozhets (Sun) is a lead vocal. SunSay performs funk, reggae, soul and folk style.