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Ukraine: more news about national final revealed

Posted 29 January 2010 at 8:31

On the 7th of March the national song selection for Vasyl Lazarovich will take place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The submission process for the songs has already begun. The songwriters can pen their lyrics in English, Ukrainian, Spanish or Italian, although, the lyrics must be submitted in the language in which the song will be performed on stage, as well as its both variants in English and in Ukrainian. After the submission deadline a seven member professional jury will pick out the best six or ten lyrics which Vasyl Lazarovich will perform in the national song final on the 7th of March. The venue of this event is still to be decided and the choice falls between the studios of NTU and one of the public areas in Kyiv. The national song selection will be broadcast by NTU. So all of the the Ukrainian audience will be all the more on the edge of their seats for the top song that Vasyl will lend his voice to.
Vasyl Lazarovich is a young talented singer who attracts the audience with his velvety basso voice. His flavours are primarily pop-rock, sympho-rock and sympho-jazz.But he also sings classic opera arias, romances, modern pop-compositions in different musical interpretations, as well as songs from Ukraine’s Golden Fund and the world’s classics. His repertoire of musical events includes the Slaviansky Bazar contest in Vitebsk, Belarus, and the Retrofest festival in Italy, where he bagged the award for the Best Voice.
Svitlana Loboda represented Ukraine last year and went up to the Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest with her entry Be my Valentine which came featured at number 12 in the final rankings.
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