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Ukraine: Mariya's shining performance

02 May 2014 at 18:42 CEST

Well-thought-out performance

Mariya Yaremchuk’s entry is very well thought through: from camera angles to the lights and dresses. The singer entered the stage in a beautiful shining silvery-black long dress with a deep slit up the side. Her dress has got some glossy decoration on Mariya’s neckline. And last but not least - Mariya’s eyes shone with delight!

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Some changes have been made to make Mariya’s performance on TV screens during live broadcasting even more remarkable. Lighting has been added to the sides and to the floor.

In the beginning of Mariya’s song Tick-Tock, some beautiful high vocals have been added. The Ukrainian delegation asked organisers to give some additional time to prepare dance number with a wheel on the main stage because at the out-of-arena rehearsals this special number in Mariya’s stage presentation appears to be very different and the dancer needs some time to set everything up and to feel this special setting on the stage.

Which dress to wear?

As for stage outfit Mariya is still struggling with the hardest choice in every girl’s life: “Which dress will be the best suited one?” So let’s wait till the show to see what Mariya chose.

Enjoying Copenhagen...

Ukraine’s beauty, Mariya Yaremchuk, spent a great time between her first and second rehearsals in Copenhagen. The singer went on an excursion, sang in the Euroclub, met participants from other countries, Denmark and Georgia, and had a lot of fun. Mariya was invited by the Danish artist Basim to visit one of the most beautiful Denmark’s sights – Tivoli Gardens.

With Mariko and The Shin from Georgia, Mariya went on the romantic boat trip by the Copenhagen canals. "I adore boats" said Mariya, "and I couldn’t resist and left out my Georgian colleagues, it’s amazing to be on the water, to seal on the boat, to feel free and happy. It’s the best rest for me!"

"I want to be a strong, happy woman!"

In the Ukrainian press conference, Victoria Romanova, the Head of Delegation, expressed their gratitude to DR and EBU for organising this event, their hospitality and warm reception. Afterward she introduced their beautiful and talented "flower" - Mariya Yaremchuk, her dancers and backing vocalists. 

Next question about the changes in the second rehearsal was addressed to Mariya. "I am trying to be friends with the stage. We made some changes in lightings and thought about dress. And now I feel better. Everything is fine."

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Mariya explained what is going to be on stage: "There will be a wheel and a boy." The singer wants to create atmosphere of love, because love is "sense of life". 

The Australian journalist asked the Ukrainain artist about her studying in Kyiv at the Variety Arts Academy and how it helps Mariya here in Copenhagen. "I learned a lot of technical things that I use on stage." The singer said a big thank you for her teachers. 

"What inspired you to write your lyrics?" was the next question. "Maybe it is called the first love," Mariya said, "I want to be a strong, happy woman that every woman wants to be in the future."

The Polish journalist asked about the silvery colour of Mariya's dress and why it is so popular as Verka Serduchka also wore clothes in silver. Mariya laught and said that she is not pretending to be similar to Verka Serduchka: "Victoriya, we should consider the colour of my dress", Mariya said to Victoria Romanova.

Mariya was asked to describe how she manages in this difficult situation in her country. "Every Ukrainian was very shocked. I even couldn't concentrate on my work. But you know music lives and I hope Ukraine will start a new page!"