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Mariya Yaremchuk - Tick-Tock (Ukraine 2014)
Mariya Yaremchuk - Tick-Tock (Ukraine 2014)

Ukraine: Mariya's heart goes "Tick-Tock"

Mariya's energetic performance

Mariya entered the stage with her male dancer, Roman Blazhkiv. She wore a red long dress, the colour of love like her song Tick-Tock. Mariya began her show clapping her hands. She delivered not only a perfect vocal performance but also an energetic dance. The interesting attraction on stage was a running wheel where the dancer made acrobatic movements.

Mariya was accompanied by four backing vocals: Anna Linnea, Graciela Chin A Loi, Anneli Maria Tornkvist, Elin Eva Maria Svensson. The wind machine was used in the second run of the rehearsal.

The performance for Mariya was made by director of famous Ukrainian dance ballet Freedom Olena Kolyadenko who was also the TV director of numerous biggest Ukrainian vocal and song TV shows.

"It's a love story"

The main message in Mariya's performance is the same as in song itself – this is a love story in music and in dance. Two heroes – Him and Her – are trying to find real feeling through time. The only way for them to catch this amazing feeling is to fly over time and through time. Tick-Tock is like a clock symbol, the real living tick-tock mechanism that the singer created on stage.

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Meeting Mariya backstage

Mariya Yaremchuk's song is a touching story about love - exactly this message the singer wants to convey to her fans. "I already saw the stage and it is marvelous! I can't wait to stand on it!" the singer said.

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It is Mariya' first time in Copenhagen, but she has already been invited for a walk with the Danish contestant in the Tivoli Park tomorrow. Eurovision for the was always something very special: "Today, it's the beginning of a thrilling journey for me", she said before going on stage.

The Ukrainian delegation brought a nice souvenir to Copenhagen - a hashtag Tick-Tock made of wood:

Here you can have a look at more pictures of #Tick-Tock:

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After the rehearsal, Mariya sang a piece of the song that every Eurovision fan might know - Ruslana's Wild Dances. You can watch it now on Youtube: