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Ukraine invites us to a surreal fantasy

10 May 2013 at 17:56 CEST
Zlata Ognevich - Gravity (Ukraine 2013)

Before going on stage, the Ukrainian delegation was mingling in the press center and backstage. They explained that Zlata would perform in a different outfit than in the first rehearsal, a long black dress with a mercury-like appearance. However, it has not been decided if this dress will indeed be used for the Semi-Final.

A perfect sounding fairytale

Igor Vovkovinskiy, the tallest man of the US, also plays a role in the Ukrainian stage performance. Today he first performed in his Semi-Final costume: a fairytale-like brown coat and hat. For the projections on the backdrop, several options are still being discussed for the Semi-Final. Today, a blue scenery was used, resembling a forest at night.

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Zlata Ognevich told before her rehearsal that she had already been very happy with the first rehearsal. Cleveland Watkiss, one of her backing vocalists, added that he was amazed by the technical setup of both the stage and the sound.

In the rehearsal, Igor first carried Zlata to a stone podium from where she performed the rest of the song. The metallic sparkle of her dress added to the mysterious atmosphere on stage. 

Regarding the camerawork, several tracking shots were used, and smoke effects were shown. Zlata and her backing vocalists again delivered a vocally flawless performance.

A fantasy song in a fantasy language

In the press conference, Zlata Ognevich commented on her rehearsal: "I have different feelings inside, but I think this rehearsal was much better than the first."

"In the song I sing that my gravity is stronger than me. It describes the feelings I have in my heart. The giant symbolizes my inner strenght who helps me to achieve my dream", she explained the meaning of the song and stage act.

Igor Vovkovinskiy stated: "The song represents the challenges that I had to face in my life to achieve what I have become. It’s a very strong message that means a lot to me."

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The song Gravity has been changed a lot since it won the national selection, which Zlata Ognevich explained to the press: "We changed it not just a little bit, we changed maybe 50% of the song. I much prefer the final version."

"The song uses a very old melody – Mikhail Nekrasov wrote the song when he was only 13 years old", the PR manager of the Ukrainian delegation, Dariia Partas said. "Parts were composed back then, first even in a fantasy language. In its arrangement ethnic sounds from several cultures are used." Zlata then performed an accappella version of the song on the press conference stage.

Igor Vovkovinsky confirmed that he was happy to be part of the Ukrainian stage performance. "When I was asked I was just so proud and happy to be even considered for this task. My answer was just yes yes yes. You have to know that I am just so excited to be here."