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Ukraine, Greek and Cypriot parties at Euroclub

10 May 2009 at 14:09 CEST

The Ukrainian party started around 21.00 local time. There were a lot of live performances, including of course that of Svetlana Loboda and her entry Be My Valentine. Most of the Ukrainian delegation were wearing Anti Crisis Boy or Girl T-Shirts which were specially made for the contest. The performance on stage is full of energy and Svetlana had the crowd vociferously supporting and cheering her on.

Other stars making an appearance at the Ukrainian party were Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Ruslan Alehno, Diana Gurtskaya and Ruslana. Ruslana had in fact only flown in directly from Seoul, South Korea on the same day!.

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Following the Ukrainian party, there was a short break and the venue was set up again for the joint party of Greece and Cyprus. As in many previous years, a lot of the other singers from this years competition performed their entries, as well as of course Greece's Sakis Rouvas and Cypriot entrant Christina.

All in all a most enjoyable evening for the delegations, press and fans. Many thanks to the Ukrainian, Greek and Cypriot delegations for their hospitality.