Ukraine goes for 5 semi-finals

In the first phase of the Ukrainian selection, all 35 contestants were divided into groups of 7. They will all take part in one of the five semi-finals. 

Unfortunately, Verka Serduschka, the memorable Ukrainian participant of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, will not take part due to a busy schedule. 

You can see the who-is-in-which-semi-final list below:


Semi-final 1

  • El Kravchuk
  • Zaklyopki
  • Inna Voronova
  • Yakiv Smyrnov
  • Christina Kim
  • Zhemchoog
  • Dariya Medova

Semi-final Two

  • Para Normal'nyh
  • Ivan Berezovskiy
  • Mika Newton
  • Eduard Romanyuta
  • Shanti
  • Metropolitain
  • Bahroma

Semi-final Three

  • A.R.M.I.Y.A
  • Matias
  • Shanis
  • Vitaliy Galai
  • Arina Domski
  • Olena Korneeva
  • Oleksiy Kvarta

Semi-final Four

  • Anastasiya Prikhodko
  • Zlata Ognevich
  • Mila Nitich
  • Vladislav Levitskiy
  • Dash
  • Nataliya Pugatchova

Semi-final Five

  • Jamala
  • Denis Povaliy
  • Masha Sobko
  • Tanya Vorzheva
  • Maxim Novyts'kiy
  • Vroda
  • Pavlo Tabakov

The first show, where you can find our how the draw was held, will be broadcast on the 17th of October. You can see all the videos of the participants on NTU's website.

Last Eurovision Song Contest, after a long selection procedure, Alyosha was picked to represent Ukraine with the song Sweet People. She finished tenth in the Grand Final in Oslo.

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