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Ukraine: Details of the national selection

Posted 4 November 2008 at 12:42

NTU has told that from 3rd of November to the 16th of January they will promote the national selection and are waiting for songs to be sent in. The entries have to be in both Ukrainian and English and all the participants have to be citizens of Ukraine.
From the 21st till the 23rd of January a jury will listen to the submitted songs and will select 30 of them to qualify for the semi-final.
On the 1st of February parts of the semi-final will be broadcast where a jury will choose 15 participants to qualify for the final.
The final will be held on 22nd of February in NTU's studio. The winning song will be chosen via a mixed voting procedure where both, jury and the televoters will have a say in.
More details are available at NTU's website.
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