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Ukraine announces finalists!

Posted 19 Febuary 2009 at 14:30

30 performers took part in a national Semi-Final and presented their songs and performances. A professional jury - the chairman was the president of the National Television Company of Ukraine, Mr. Vasyl Ilashchuk - then chose the 15 best ones. The qualifiers were the following:
  1. Tori Joy
  2. Band Garyachyi Shokolad
  3. Bryantseva Tetyana
  4. Band Zakliopky
  5. Natalia Volkova
  6. Band 4 Kings
  7. Svitlana Loboda
  8. Kishe
  9. Ana
  10. Band Nikita
  11. Aleksandr Panayotov
  12. Denys Barkanov
  13. Ira Poyzen
  14. Godo
  15. Lenara Osmanova
Mr. Ilashchuk commented on the results: “The main thing for us is to choose the best representative of Ukraine who will make a worthy performance at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow". The Ukrainian final will take place on 8 March 2009 in the National Palace of Arts. The Ukrainian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow will be selected by a mixed interactive voting procedure of both televote and a professional jury.
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