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Ukraine: 22 candidates in the national final

26 January 2012 at 23:18 CET

Among the jurors who picked up 20 best entries were Vlad Bahinskyj (a musical producer of NTU), Volodymyr Kozlov (a director of the TV channel RU Music), Victoria Romanova (international relations department) and Ivo Bobul (a singer). After the auditions, Ivo Bobul remarked that he enjoyed his role as a juror and found a lot of female voices very professional. He named his favourite contestants: Rapira and Masha Sazonova & Tyhon Levchenko.

Apart from 20 candidates from yesterday’s pre-selection, two artists got wildcards. Thus, there will be 22 contestants in the national final. One of them is a winner of the TV show Show Number One, band Nereal’nye. The name of the owner of the second wildcard is still unknown. The second wildcard will go to the singer chosen in the Internet casting on the platform.  

Here is the line-up of 21 candidates:

1. Shanis
2. Lena Voloshyna
3. Igor Tatarenko
4. Bondarchuk
5. Oksana Nesterenko
6. Band Treeorange
7. Marietta
8. Duet Masha Shazonova & Tyhon Levchenko
9. Vitalij Halaj
10. Olya Polyakova
11. Marta
12. Myhajlo Hrytskan
13. Renata Shtifel
14. Matias
15. Rapira
16. Hajtana
17. Ulyana Rudakova
18. Eduard Romanyuta
19. Band Legkyj Flirt
20. Andrij Bohomolets
21. Band Nereal’nye (wildcard)

The voting in the national final on the 18th of February will be a combination of SMS voting and the verdict of an expert jury. Unlike previous years, there will be no internet voting and a rule permitting only one vote per phone will be implemented.