UK: White drapes and light boxes sound good to Josh

The United Kingdom's first rehearsal at the Telenor Arena went well, with Josh Dubovie giving a very strong and confident performance. The stage lighting was an array of light colours that changed during the course of the song, flashing to the uptempo beat. 

Josh emerged from one of eleven light boxes during the first part of his performance. On the top of the boxes stood three female backing singers, who were wearing navy blue dresses and and behind them, trailed large white shawls that start floating delicately behind them during the song, giving the performance a bit of elegance. There are also two male dancers on stage, who perform enthusiastically behind Josh throughout the duration of the song.

During the rehearsal, Josh and his dancers walk up onto the light boxes, providing a very interesting effect. Towards the end of the song, Josh moves back down to the stage leaving the dancers and backing singers behind him. The two male dancers then jump off the boxes and join him for the final few notes. 

Vocally, Josh is very strong and his intonation is secure, which leaves him to concentrate on his performance. When asked how they feel about the performance, the United Kingdom delegation said they were "satisfied with the look of it". 


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"It was unbelievable"

When Josh Dubovie and the United Kingdom delegation came into the press conference room they were met by a cheering group of fans and a massive roar of thunder over the press centre. 

When in the press centre Josh was asked how the rehearsal went to which he replied that he loved it and it was very exciting. Another question that was asked was regarding his epic journey but he said that as soon as he arrived he went to sleep and, "woke up and was feeling great and had a lovely view of the whole of Oslo". When describing the journey he received a huge round of applause in the room - A sign of the delegation's achievement in getting to Oslo!

Josh was also asked about the song and how it had changed since the national final. He said that the song was written for six different acts but after winning the UK final it was adapted to his voice and style. 

Josh was asked about being nervous and said that he doesn't want it to turn into a "Eurovision Worry About Contest" but he did say that he felt his entire future rested on how well the performance goes on the 29th of May. 

Pete Waterman and Mike Stock, the composers of That Sounds Good To Me will be at the arena for the press conference on Friday the 28th of May to talk about the song. They will joined by UK commentator Graham Norton. 

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Josh has been singing since he was little. Aged nine, Josh attended StageAbility Drama school at weekends as an after school activity. The school concentrated mainly on acting, but they also put on musical theatre shows like The King And I and My Fair Lady. Aged fifteen, Josh was given the part of Enjolras in the school production of Les Miserables. As he had never sung before he went to see a vocal coach. Josh instantly fell in love with singing. When Josh left school his father, Richard, decided to manage him and has got him the majority of his professional work. In 2009 Josh starred as Riff in StageAbility’s production of West Side Story. Josh believes he has his mum's voice and his dad's confidence. He has performed at countless festivals and sports events and now works as a professional singer. Josh's song That Sounds Good To Me was masterminded by music legend Pete Waterman who produced numerous hits for e.g. Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley or Steps.

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