UK: Josh sounds good to us

Before their rehearsal, met the UK delegation backstage where they were rehearsing their song and seemed confident that everything would be perfect for them on the big Oslo stage today. And indeed, there were no things to complain about in Josh Dubovie's second try on this quite warm Sunday afternoon: the young singer seemed at ease and the result on the TV screens was impressive.

Not much had been changed from the first rehearsal yesterday, but the UK team were wearing their clothes for the grand final night of Europe's Favourite TV-show. Josh had a casual black suit with a white shirt on while his male backing dancers were still trying out different possibilities with a change of t-shirts during the different takes today. The female backing singers were in their clothing from yesterday: dark dresses with white shawls floating behind them.

The 11 light boxes were still in place today, giving the song an interesting intro with lots of black and white effects to be seen on screen. Josh jumped onto them during the second part of the song before heading back to the front part of the stage where he performed most of the song.

No press conference was scheduled for the UK today, but Josh will have another one on Friday. Stay with us here on for more information about that!


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