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Two weeks of Eurovision in eight minutes

Posted 15 June 2011 at 20:16

We hope that you enjoyed our extensive coverage of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest by reading our articles, watching our videos and enjoying our photos of all the rehearsals, press conferences and parties that took place in Düsseldorf.
Our team of editors, cameramen and photographers worked tirelessly night and day for two weeks, bringing you some of the best and most exclusive coverage of Europe's favourite TV show. We also enjoyed ourselves a lot!
All of our videos, articles and photos are still available to watch right here at or on our YouTube channel.
But for now, why not take a look at the video below. Made by our cameramen, it has whittled two weeks of exciting footage down to just under eight minutes, showcasing some of the best bits of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Enjoy!
{Video#YT, id: 3sjJtLNr8yA}
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